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I have now replaced the both receivers (the part that goes in the ear) THREE times in 15 months.I really regret paying $10k for these unreliable pieces of s**t. The work for a while then just stop for no reason. I have been using a dehumidifier as instructed, changing batteries, wax filters and cones regularly as instructed and still after max 6 months the receiver fails. The supplier was helpful and supplied dehumidifier at no charge but when I...
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I didn't like
  • Quality of hearing aid receiver
Was fitted for the Oticon set around the 1st of the year. I had been using a Phonak which just broke and was unrepairable. OK I take the audiologist advice and go with this brand. After several tweeks and in spite of my obvious difficulties in restaurants and movies etc I was told this was as good as they are gong to get- Horribe background sounds - car motors are deafening- loud voices in publc meeting places and cannot see amovie because I...
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I purchased a pair Otican Alta hearings almost 2 years ago for $4750. Within a year, I was not hearing properly with one of them. Both were sent in and replaced under warranty. Fast forward 10 months, and one of the new ones stopped working. Currently sent in for repair, and the loaner I was given stopped working after a week. By the way, when I mentioned to the audiologist my concern about the quality of these hearing aids, she reminded me...
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Anonymous I'v the very same problem with same hearing aids before and after the expired warranty time period. Oticon has not replaced them as promised--2 months ago. Enhanced Hearing d...

I liked
  • Work good when working
I didn't like
  • Poor quality that does not last